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Mr. Alan Stock
Radio TV host
Las Vegas, NV

Professor Elie Wiesel
Nobel Laureate

Ira Heller, Esq
New Jersey

Stephen Polter, Esq
Of Counsel Heart to Heart

Mr. Joseph Aronow
CEO, Mettel 

Siegfried M. Pueschel, MD, JD, MPH, PhD
Director, Developmental Delays
Brown University

Ms. Susie Grama
Media, Public Relations
New York

David Noll, RPc
Past President
South African Pharmacology Association

Professor Levi Reiter, PhD
Director Department of Audiology
Hofstra University

Yishai Winer, MS
Special Education Specialist
Heart to Heart
New York

Professor Mark Young, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Professor Ross Barnard, PhD, FACB, MSc.
Director, Molecular Sciences and Infectious Diseases
University of Queensland

Professor Yaakov Rand, PhD
Director, Educational Psychology and Development
Bar Ilan University

Harvey Lang, DC
Lecturer, Allergies, Prevention and Treatment

Mrs. Suri Regensberg, MSW
Social Worker, Down State University
Heart to Heart
Mrs. Chana Goldstock
Co founder
Administrator, Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock
Co founder
National Director, New York

Rabbinical Advisory Board:

Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Shochet
McGill University Professor Philosophy
Pulpit Rabbi Toronto

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Dovid Kagan
Dean, Chaya Mushka High School
for Girls, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Yehoshua Werner
Pulpit Rabbi Detroit MI

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Dean, Beis Chana
Author, Doesn't Anyone Blush 
Anymore, Lecturer

Rabbi Benyomin Lisbon
Kashrus Administrator
Los Angeles

Rabbi Micha Berger
Advisor, Lecturer 
New Jersey 

Rabbi S. Neuwirth, Shlita"a
Author of Shmiras Shabbas k'Hilchosah

Cantor Moshe Teleshefsky
The Rebbe's Chazan  


Rabbi Eliezer M. Goldstock
International Director
Tel: 718 778 0111

Mrs. Chana T. Goldstock
076 545 7599

Leah Beck
Regional Director
718 604 0246

Siggy Berger 
Regional Director
201 486 1492

Suri Regensberg
917 573 4889

Don Goodman - Director of Community Relations
Reb Don Goodman has worked for Ohel Childrens Services for the past decade and has volunteered for years to improve the lives of all of our children.